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Catalogue Printing

Catalogue Printing

Types of catalogue printing catalogue printing is shaped according to the need and diversified according to their construction. Each different catalogue contains different textures and different meanings, leaving a perceptually positive or negative impression on the other person. For example, it is not right for a brand company that is known to be very powerful to come across its customers with a poor quality catalog. Catalogues by construction:

Yarn Stitched Catalog

Wire Stitched Catalogue

Omega Wire Stitched Catalogue

American Hardcover Catalog

Catalog With Thread Stitching Cover

It passes as a spiral catalogue.

During catalog printing, the needs of the company should be analyzed by the person who will design it and the process should be operated accordingly. The type and weight of the paper to be used in the catalog, the word phrases and color choices concentrated in the content, and the visual arrangements should be considered as a whole. After the right conditions are met, catalogue printing takes place and the relationship between the company and the customer is strengthened thanks to the catalogue. The customer sees and decides the service / product potential of their preferred brand.