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Color Separation

Color Separation

The color is formed by the reflection of a part of the light falling on the objects, the absorption of the other part by the absorption. This ratio specifies the color of the color.

In order to print a color composition, the process of separating the original colors into four major cores (CMYK) suitable for the printing is called color separation

It passes 3 stages as SCANNER-FILM OUTPUT-PROVANCE so that a worker can take a film.

There are 4 main colors in printing.

All colors are created with these 4 color combinations.

See how the color separation unit works with an example.

Suppose a brochure is made. First of all, in order to be able to distinguish color, the work to be done is done with model, dialer and low-resolution computer work with zip-cd-diskette, dvd-harddisk. First dialer and opaclar are scanned and cleaned according to makat. If it is, there will be eclipses. This is done if there are pages that require system operation after these operations. The prepared images are placed on the page. Output color control is performed before the films are printed.

The appropriate TRAM is selected for the paper to be printed. For jobs to be submitted to the color separation workshop, the owner of the work must be informed of where to use filmin. Incorrect information or misleading trams leading to incorrect routing will result in poor results.

Use of known tram for print quality

Serigraphy = less than 34

Newspaper paper (3. Dough) = 40

inser (Lwc) = 48 (If the paper is toxic) 54

Magazine = 60-70

Offset = 70

Very good offset = 80

1. Dough = 54-60

Coated = 70 <

Tram is used and then film output is taken.

Some Terms Used in Color Separation
Tram = points that bring the transitions (tones) to the square. (1 cm dropp point is called)

Tire = Straight colors without transition tone. It is a film made without using dots.

Degrade = An opening from a bay or another color from a color is called a soft transition.

Dekupe = It is said that an objen is cleaned as if it is not around.

Extra (solid) = Special colors printed outside CMYK (such as silver, gilding, reflex blue, gold gilding etc.)

Dia = Scannable transparent original film

There are dimensions such as 2,4x3,5 6x6 6x9 13x18.

Opak = Originals of prints that do not transmit light (photos taken from the card, pictures taken from newspapers and magazines)

Lup = Special magnifying glass for color separation

Photo Shop (system operation) = A special computer program for editing photos. With this program, desired visual movements can be applied on desired pictures. (such as a mustache without a mustache)

Proof "Contact proof" = The process of extracting a copy onto paper using photographic means of color films of existing films. (Such as Cromolin - Fuji Reve).

HEXATRON = 6 color printing system in addition to CMYK is the main color of green and orange. Free movement of trams.