Printing Significant - Favori Basım ve Matbaa

Printing Significant

Matters to be Considered in Printing

Promat wants to share knowledge with everyone who is interested in printing arts and technology in order to increase the quality in the sector. The information on these pages contains the points that our esteemed customers will pay attention to when designing the offer or graphic designers from us.

Color Separation

C ar used for coated, U are used for pulp paper

Films should have a maximum resolution of 70 dpi when printing with silk screen printing. For the inner sticky sticker, the film must be reverse emissive.

If the paper used for offset printing is coated with paper, the tram should be at least 80, and if dough paper is used, the tram should be at least 60.

If the film is assembled in special cut jobs, the breakdowns should be at least 3mm.


57x82 size has not  170 gr. kind

Hard cover should be over 170 gr.

e front and back surfaces of Bristol and some Specialty papers are different.

Bristol paper has 70x100 size standart. (Except custom sizes)


Varnishes must be applied in order to speed up the drying of the work in the groundwork and to prevent it from being drawn.

If silver gilded gold gilding is used in a job, it should be done with varnish or lamination.


Under 135 gr.  has no cellophane

Cellophane can not be made on special paper. It could be Local Lacquer.

Lamination must be done in plastering works.

In dark-grounded works, a crane is made to prevent cracking. Lacquer and varnish do not prevent cracking.


When the American skin is done, the cover does not have Front and Rear Headphones. Only the front handset is built. (The American skin is absolutely necessary to do the lid on the cover, otherwise the job is drawn.)

At least 170 gr is used in the plaster.

To be able to sew the wire, it must be in the form of uniform and 4 layers.

Kapak takmada (Amerikan Cilt) 170 gr. altı kapak olmaz.

Side paper should not be used with grounded paper. Even if it is used, it is necessary to make a handset. Otherwise it cracks. 1. Dough paper is recommended. (At least 160 gr)