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CTP ve Dijital (Ofset Press)

CTP ve Dijital (Ofset Press)


CTP and digital technology are the tools in the race which has been developing and developing rapidly in the printing technology in recent years. Now, the companies that produce printing machines have been fighting and developing their digital technologies.

Ctp is a direct-to-mold exposure technology from a computer. This means that it is a system that eliminates the film and assembly stage which is used almost immediately in almost all printing houses.

Ctp eliminates this time-consuming part, such as (film-mount), and exposes the time and film cost to the printed work directly by the computer. However, the mold used in this technology has not been so popular in our country as it has not been as fast as digital. I believe that this technology will become widespread in our country as well.

If you recall, 8-10 years ago, the color scanner scanners were replaced by CTP images, but now they are replaced by the CTP mold.

If you have done research on these issues and the opinions of the experts about CTP (especially for our printing houses) CTP decision is early in these days. The reason for this is both technological and economic. Because the cost can be terrible when investigated. However, the advantages and advantages of such an investment should not be forgotten. These should be taken into account when making future plans.

Digital printing

In general, a special form of color separation systems, without the need for a film or cliché to print the job you want to print color or colorless can be sent directly to the system is the name given.

All printing systems, such as graphic-printing-printing after the name of the digital printing process is carried out in 3 stages. No more movies are used in digital printing before printing. No baths, no scans, no test shots. The image is transferred from the camera to the computer and then directly to the print. In this case, because the cost of low-run jobs is automatically lowered, they are the preferred choice compared to offset printing. Besides, there are many advantages in terms of time in low circulation jobs.

Since it is possible to print 1 or 1000 prints with the digital system, it is very important to eliminate the elements we call fixed costs.