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About Press

About Press

While looking at the newspaper while reading the newspaper, we look at the pictorial and written advertising panels on the buses and think about how these things are done and what steps they take in front of our eyes. Let me briefly tell you about the print department you are interested in.

Printed publicity and publicity studies are examined on the print side.


Preparation phase Film Output / Mold Outlet Assembly phase Mold phase

At the end of this process, printing is done. The printing dies are attached to the machine, the ink settings are made and printed.

After Printing
Post-print operations begin. This is skin. Shrinking, blending, wearing lid, wire stitch are some of them.

After the paper and film narration, let's get to know the printing press and the printing press for their processing and visualization. In printing, you can see how the transferred films are transferred onto the paper by means of molds.


Printing Types (Technics)



Tifdurk Printing

Flexo Printing

Serigraphy Printing

Digital printing